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Zotero Citation Manager: Full Text & OpenURL

Link the Walden Library with OpenURL to find full text at Walden

Zotero lets you look for items online that you have in your library.

You can connect Zotero to the Walden Library with an OpenURL resolver.

Zotero will try to locate your items in the Walden Library, so you can track down an online full-text copy of the resource.

Set up the OpenURL resolver

The Library's OpenURL must be se up in Zotero in order to find full text.

  1. Click on Edit in the menu bar, and then click on Preferences.

  2. In Zotero's Preferences, select the Advanced menu.

  3. In the OpenURL section of this menu, enter the Library's OpenURL resolver in the Resolver field:


  4. Select OK to close the Preferences menu and complete the set-up.

Use Library Lookup to find full text

Once the OpenURL link is set up, you can use the Library Lookup tool to check for full text in the Walden Library for any of the resources you've added to your Zotero library.

  1. Select a reference from the middle column.

  2. Detailed citation information displays in the right column. Click the right arrow at the top of the column, and select Library Lookup from the drop-down menu:

  3. Zotero will look for full text in the Walden Library. If full text is found, the item will load in the current webpage.

No full text

You may see that no full text is available for an item.

There are a few reasons why full text is not found in the Library.

  • The Library does not have full text available for this item.
  • The citation information is incorrect. Correct the citation and try again.
  • The citation information is incomplete. Did you include the title, author, publication date, journal title, and ISSN/ISBN or DOI in your citation? The full text search may be unsuccessful without complete citation information.


Note: If you don't have complete citation information, try the Google Scholar Search in Zotero (located below the Library Lookup) after setting up the Library Link in Google Scholar. The Google Scholar Search requires less citation information to find full text.