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Library Technical Help: General Troubleshooting Tips

Try This First

Are you having trouble accessing Library databases or services?  Here are the most common solutions for resolving issues with Library access. Customer Care can also assist.

Are you accessing the databases from work?  

Most employers have stringent internet security restrictions which often block database access.   Contact the system administrator or IT department at your workplace to request that they open port 8080 in the workplace firewall.  Be aware that many employers will not allow this and you may need to access the databases in a different location.

Are you accessing the databases from a US military base or other US government institution overseas?  

Please contact the library for further help.

Contacting the Library

The Walden Library is happy to help you troubleshoot any issues with the databases.  Please note that we cannot help with general computer problems.  Those questions are best directed to Customer Care.

When you contact the library for troubleshooting help, please include the following information in your request.  This will help expedite the troubleshooting process.

  1. Copy and paste the exact error message from the database.
  2. The name of the database where the error occurs.
  3. Narrate the exact steps that you are taking to access your resources and where in the process the error message occurs.  Include screenshots if you are able.
  4. Your browser name (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox)
  5. Your operating system name (i.e. Windows XP, Mac OSX)

Please understand that it may take some time to properly diagnose and troubleshoot the issue, especially if we need to consult with the database vendors.  The Walden Library is happy to suggest alternate databases and resources in the meantime.