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Mendeley Citation Manager: Create reference lists & in-text citations

Always double-check your reference list

Mendeley allows you to quickly create APA style reference lists. 

As with any tool, there is room for errors. Information in the databases is not guaranteed to be APA compliant, so the information in your Mendeley library may not be correct either.

You are still responsible for making sure that the reference list created by Mendeley meets APA style requirements and is free of errors.

For more information on APA formatting, you can contact the Writing Center or look at their APA reference list for common examples.

Writing Center's APA Reference List

Mendeley citation plugin

You're storing your references in Mendeley; now put them to work!

The citation plugin allows you to insert citation information into and create reference lists in your word processing document, saving you time.

Get more information on the citation plug-in from Mendeley: