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Education Research Starters: Education Research Starters


Education Research Starters contain brief overviews of popular Education topics.

Each Research Starter includes:

  • keywords
  • an overview of the topic
  • important concepts
  • bibliography of relevant literature

Why use a Research Starter?

Save Time! The concepts, terminology, and bibliography can jump-start your research.

  • Undergraduates can cite research starters directly in some assignments.
  • Graduate students can use them to build basic knowledge of the subject and identify key literature.

How to find Research Starters

Education Research Starters are located on the Education Research Databases page.

Search using very general keywords. Below are some examples:

  • school administrator
  • achievement
  • alternative education
  • adult education

Type your search term in the first search box. Your results will include Research Starters and individual journal articles.

Research Starters should appear at the top of your results list. In the information under the title, they will be labeled Research Starters. Articles in the results list will include the name of the journal, volume and issue number.

Open the PDF Full Text link to see the full Research Starter. Each Research Starter is about 10 pages long.

Locate items from a Research Starter Bibliography

If you identify an item you want to read in a bibliography, you can search for the full text in the library.

Use the Find Full Text guide to learn how to find books and articles in the Walden Library.

NOTE: The library does not have full text to all items in the Research Starters bibliographies. See the Find Full Text guide to explore other full text options.