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Education Statistics: Statistics Links

Who Produces Statistics

Government Agencies

These agencies have the power to standardize reporting and collect information from a wide variety of  institutions. This power is often mandated by law.

Research Organizations

Research organizations often have a specific focus, and will produce surveys and publish results. Many are non-profit, and will release their findings to the public for free.

Professional Organizations

Voluntary surveys of members are often produced by professional organizations. These surveys often cover topics related to compensation, education, work duties, and other professional matters. Results may be available to everyone, or just members.

Individual Researchers

A typical scholar lacks the ability to produce statistics on a scale similar to that of the government or a major research organization. Scholars often produce quantitative studies that collect data from smaller cohorts or groups.

U.S. Government Statistics

International and Foreign Government Statistics

Professional Organizations

This is a small list of professional organizations in education. Many other organizations will produce selected statistics.

Explore educational organizations in your specialization to see what research and publications they produce.


Visit the Office of Research and Doctoral Services's Data Resources and Support page for a listing of secondary data resources for education.

ORDS Secondary Data Resources