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Company Research: Find Company Profiles

Find Company Profiles

Company profiles can contain in-depth information about individual companies, including company history, top executives, competitor lists, financial data, and overviews of the company's products and industry.

These resources contain profiles of public and private companies:

Datamonitor Reports in Business Source Complete

The Business Source Complete database contains detailed profiles about companies published by Datamonitor (MarketLine). To find a Datamonitor (MarketLine) report on a specific company, follow these steps:

  1. Access Business Source Complete. (How do I find a specific database?)
  2. Type the name of a public company in the first search box.

    First Search Box:


  3. Below the search fields, under the Document Type filter menu, click on Company Report.

  4. Click Search. You will see different results for McDonald's Corporation. The reports may have the same title, but will be from different years.

Nexus Uni Company Profiles

The Company Dossier feature in the Nexis Uni database allows you to find profiles for individual companies, create lists of companies based on criteria such as size or industry, and compare companies.

Follow these steps to access the Company Dossier:

  1. Go to Nexis Uni. (How do I find a specific database?)
  2. Click on the Company Info button and enter your desired company into the search field.
  3. Click Search

Business Market Research Collection (Formerly Hoover's Company Records)

Business Market Research Collection contains three different collections that contain company profiles, current articles discussing economic and political developments, and market research reports.

  • Hoover's Company Profiles: information about more than 40,000 global public and non-public companies including location, financials, competitors, officers, and more.
  • OxResearch: succinct articles covering regional economic and political developments of significance from a network of 1,000 faculty members at Oxford, other leading universities, and think-tanks.
  • Snapshots: market research overviews on 40+ industries and 40 countries

Here are step-by-step instructions that show how to find company profiles in Business Market Research Collection:

  1. Access Business Market Research Collection. (How do I find a specific database?)
  2. Type the name of a public company in the first search box.

    For example, try the following company in the first search box:


  3. Below the search fields, under the Document Type filter menu, click on Company Profile.

  4. Click Search. You should see different information for Target in your search results.