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Web Browsers: Recommended Settings: Overview

Recommended browser settings & help

To access and view content in many Library databases, certain features and security settings are required in your web browser. Additionally, if you are experiencing difficulty accessing database content, data saved in your web browser may need to be cleared.

Walden University recommends that students use Google Chrome (preferred) or Mozilla Firefox as their primary browser.

Customer Care provides information on how to use and adjust these settings for supported web browsers:

Why do I need to clear my browser cache and cookies?

Clearing the cache and cookies in a web browser can help resolve issues with a database by deleting saved data in the browser that is no longer needed. It can also help improve website load times if the cache is large.

What are cookies? 

Websites and many library databases use cookies to personalize content and remember information about your current session, including search queries, filters, and history, and other preferences. Cookies are stored in your browser until they expire or are deleted.

Why do I need to enable cookies?

Many of our databases require cookies to function properly. We strongly recommend that you enable cookies while using the Library's databases.

What is Javascript?

JavaScript is a popular scripting language supported by all major browsers. It allows web content to have interactive elements, such as drop down menus and web forms.

Why do I need to enable Javascript?

Some of our databases require Javascript to function properly. We strongly recommend that you enable Javascript while using the Library's databases. 

Why do I need to adjust browser security settings and disable pop-up blockers?

If the security level in your web browser is strict, some Library databases and pop-up windows may be blocked by the browser. Security levels in the browser can be lowered to allow databases to fully function. Alternatively, to maintain a high level of security, databases can be added as a Trusted Site or Exception to the browser.