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Doctoral Writing Assessment
 | Doctoral Writing Assessment

Writing Assessment:
Doctoral Writing Assessment

Administered by the Academic Skills Center
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“I think the Doctoral Writing Assessment requirement process is necessary for
doctoral students to help enhance our writing skills.”

Steps to Complete the Doctoral Writing Assessment

Your Doctoral Writing Assessment essay submission is due at the end of the second week of the term.

  1. Review the essay topic and assessment rubric by visiting your DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment classroom. If you do not see this course on your student portal, scroll down to find it.
  2. Write your essay in a Word document and save using the naming convention listed in the Assignment Description area.
  3. Upload your essay to the Submit Essay area by Day 7 of Week 2, 11:59 PM Mountain Time. Time zone converter.
  4. Review your essay score, the week after your DRWA Doctoral Writing Assessment course ends, at your e-mail. The message will come from Walden Writing Assessment.
  5. Successfully complete any required Graduate Writing courses based on your essay score email.
  6. Your Doctoral Writing Assessment requirement is now complete.
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