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APSY 8116 Assignment Resources: Week 9

Week 9 Application

Assignment text: Using the Walden Library, select a research article related to the assessment of violence potential.

You can start your search for an article related to the assessment of violent potential in a psychology database such as PsycINFO.

  1. On the Library homepage, click on Databases A-Z

  2.  Click on P and scroll down to PsycINFO.

    Log in with your myWalden email and password. 
  3. Now you are on a search screen with three Search boxes. We will break your topic down into just keywords and type one concept or keyword(s) per box.

    In the first search box type (In the drop-down box to the right of the search field, select: SU Subjects):  

    forensic psychology

    In the second search box type:  

    research OR study

    In the third search box type:  

    viole* potential

  4. Under the search boxes, check the boxes for "Full Text" and "Peer Reviewed".
  5. Click Search.