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Library Webinar Archives: Webinars on Library Skills

Introduction to the series: Mysteries of the Library: Revealed!

The Mysteries of the Library: Revealed! Webinar Series is designed to answer common questions about using the Walden Library. Each thirty-minute webinar gives an in-depth explanation of a topic in a conversational format.

On this page you will find links to all of our Mysteries of the Library: Revealed! webinar recordings, as well as presentation slides, links to Library Guides, and Quick Answers with more information on the topic.

  • Library Guides contain extensive information on a topic.
  • Quick Answers are short answers to commonly asked Library questions.

Library website tour

As a completely online library, the Walden Library's website is the Library! Learning how to navigate it is an important step in finding what you need in the Library. Here are some questions that are answered in this webinar:

  • How do I find my course readings?
  • How do I find journals, dissertations, and subject resources?

Video: Library Website Overview (YouTube)

Recorded May 2019 (23 min 57 sec)

More Resources

Find course readings

This video covers:

  • How do you find readings that come from the Library?
  • What Course Readings does the Walden Library provide?
  • Which Course Readings need to be accessed through your classroom or in your textbook instead?

Video: Mysteries of the Library Revealed! Course Readings (YouTube)

Recorded June 2019 (24 min 12 sec)

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What am I looking at?

Video: Mysteries of the Library Revealed! What am I looking at? (YouTube)

Recorded June 2020 (29 min 17 sec)

Peer review

This video covers:

  • What is peer review?
  • How do I find peer-reviewed articles?
  • How do I tell if something I've found is peer-reviewed?

Video: Peer Review (YouTube)

Recorded January 2019 ( 29 min 52 sec)

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Library databases

While a physical library contains books, journals, newspapers, etc., a completely online library, like Walden's Library, is made up of Library databases. These databases contain books, journals, newspapers, videos, etc. Instead of going to the shelves to access these items, you use your computer to navigate the database to find what you need. This recording covers these questions:

  • What is a Library database?
  • How do I find what I need in the Walden Library?
  • How do I know which database to search?

Video: Mysteries of the Library Revealed! Databases (YouTube)

Recorded February 2020 (28 min 46 sec)

More Resources

Thoreau Multiple Database Search Tool

Video: Thoreau Multiple Database Search Tool (YouTube)

Recorded October 2018 (31 min 59 sec)

Subject Specific Resources

Video: Subject Specific Resources (YouTube)

Recorded July 2019 (30 min 47 sec)

Search Terms

Learn how to choose appropriate keywords for a topic and how to let the database and existing research guide you to the right words with the following resources. Maybe you have wondered:

  • How do you figure out what keywords will get relevant results?
  • What can you do when you get no results?

Video: Search Terms (YouTube)

Recorded July 2018 ( 33 min 34 sec)

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Boolean Operators

This session will focus on what Boolean Operators are and how they can help you find relevant and focused results.

Video: Boolean Operators (YouTube)

Recorded February 2019 (28 min 04 sec)

Find full text

When you search the Library databases, you may come across articles or other resources that are merely listed in that database and not available in full text. This webinar covers: 

  • How can you tell if something is available in full text?
  • How can you be sure to only find things that are available in full text?
  • Why would you want to know about articles we don't actually have?

Video: Mysteries of the Library: Revealed! Full Text(YouTube)

Recorded November 2019 (29 min 44 sec)

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Journals in the Library

Finding and accessing individual journals in the Walden Library can be a useful skill to develop.

This webinar answers these questions about journals:

  • What is an academic journal?
  • How do I tell if the Walden Library has access to a specific journal?
  • What are journal alerts and why would I want to set one up?

Video: Mysteries of the Library Revealed! Journals (YouTube)

Recorded July 2018 (33 min 54 sec)

More Information

Find specific articles

Find dissertations

Dissertations are a great resource.  They can serve as published examples of the flow and organization of a study and a source for references.

Students often contact the Library with questions such as:

  • How do I find Walden dissertations/project studies?
  • How do I find award winning dissertations/project studies?
  • How do I search by dissertations/project studies by chair?

Video: Finding and Using Dissertations (YouTube)

Recorded September 2019 (28 min 22 sec)

More Resources

SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO)

Video: Mysteries of the Library Revealed! SAGE Research Methods Online (YouTube)

Recorded May 2020 (31 min 42 sec)

How to use Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great resource to use while you conduct your research.  However, it can be very overwhelming.  There is so much information, and it is delivered in an unfocused manner that may hide relevant results.  Some of the questions the Library receives include:

  • How do I connect the Walden Library databases to Google Scholar?
  • How can I find an exact article in Google Scholar?
  • How can I find current articles through citation chaining in Google Scholar?

Video: How to use Google Scholar (YouTube)

Recorded December 2019 (28 min 12 sec)

More Resources

Organization and storage

Video: Mysteries of the Library Revealed! Organization and Storage(YouTube)

Recorded March 2019 (41 min 13 sec)

More Information

Search Alerts

Learn about search alerts and how to set them up. 

Video: Search Alerts (YouTube)

Recorded June 2018 ( 29 min 52 sec)

Reference and Background Information

Video: Reference and Background Resources (YouTube)

Recorded August 2019 (30 min 30 sec)

Time saving tips & tricks

This session covers quick tips on locating required course materials, assignment help, subject research pages and databases, article title searches, basic database search tips, and how to get Library help

Video: Time Saving Tips & Tricks! (YouTube)

Recorded April 2020 (30 min 24 sec)

Learn about ScholarWorks

Video: ScholarWorks (YouTube)

Recorded April 2019 (29 min 54 sec)