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Company Research: Find Company Financials

Find Company Financials

Several library and Internet resources provide financial information about companies. Keep in mind that financial information about private companies is limited, as private companies do not have to disclose information to the SEC or the public.

Library Resources

Datamonitor Reports (MarketLine)

Datamonitor reports on public companies can include basic information about a company's revenues, profits, and losses.

Hoover's Company Records

Hoover's Company Records offers information about more than 40,000 global public and non-public companies including location, financials, competitors, officers, and more.  Full-text coverage is offered from October 2020 to the present within the ProQuest Central database.  You can either navigate to ProQuest Central and search the full database, or search the full-text collection of Hoover's by using the "Search within this publication" box at the link above.


Internet Resources


The SEC's EDGAR database provides access to filings made by public companies.

You can search EDGAR by company name or ticker symbol, then see filings from that company. 10-K forms include financial statements and an overview of the company's business and financial condition.

Company websites

Some public company websites may include financial information. Look for a link labeled Investors or Investor Relations.