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Writing Resources for EDUC 6005 Foundations: Early Childhood Studies: Week Seven

Tips on Organizing your Blog Post

Week Seven:

For this week's blog post, you will identify three ideals from the course readings and explain their significance to your professional life. It can be difficult to structure writing that switches back and forth between two topics, like describing the ideals and then describing their relevance to you. Try structuring your post like this in order to create a smooth flow of ideas:


  1. Introduce the topic you will be discussing. List the three ideals and explain that this post will describe their relevance to your professional life.
  2. Summarize the first ideal, and describe its relevance to your life.
  3. Summarize the second ideal, but also touch briefly on how it is similar and/or different from the first. Describe its relevance to your life, but again, also point out any similarities or differences from the significance of the first ideal.
  4. Summarize the third ideal, including a brief comparison to and/or contrast with the first two ideals. Show how this ideal can affect your professional life, and tie it back to the impact of the first two ideals.
  5. Conclude by briefly summarizing the main ways the ideals can impact your professional life.