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WMBA 6030 Week 3 Discussion: Week 3 Discussion

Assignment overview

For this week's discussion, you are asked to find at least one other credible resources on data resources, processes, or storage systems used in Information Systems in businesses.  You can search the internet or you can search the Library databases.

This guide will provide instructions on how to:

  • develop keywords.
  • select a database to search.
  • search for specific periodicals and journals in the Walden Library.

Database and keywords suggestions

To search for resources in the Library databases, try one of the broad, general Business & Management databases which can be located on the Business & Management research home page. A couple of examples of databases to use have been listed below.

Try searching using one of the terms for your topic:

  • data
  • processes
  • storage systems  

Searching for articles on Data Resources and Processes

Since those are very simple terms that will appear commonly in the database, it will work best to use one of them in combination with information systems, in order to make your search more precise.  You can search for information systems as a subject term for the article to narrow your results even further.  To do that, choose SU Subject terms in the Select a Field Optional box to the right of the search term.  Below is an example search on how to locate relevant articles in Business Source Complete.

  1. On the Library homepage, navigate to the Research by Subject box.
  2. Click on Research by Subject and choose: Business & Management
  3. Now let's choose the database Business Source Complete. Login with your myWalden email and password. 
  4. Type your keywords into the search boxes for example:

    First Search Box:  

    storage systems

    Second Search Box:  

    information systems

    Note: Be sure to change the Select a Field drop down to SU Subject Terms to limit your results to subject terms indexed by the database.

    Storage systems keyword search   
  5. Click the search button to run the Search, and then explore your results.

Locate periodicals and journals in the library

The discussion instructions also mention some useful periodicals, including Wired, Business 2.0, Business Week, and the Wall Street Journal (among others).  The Journals page on the library website allows you to search for an individual journal by title.  To locate a specific journal:

  1. Go to the Journals page by clicking on the journals button on the library homepage
  2. In the search box, type the name of the periodical, and click search.
  3. On the results page, there will be list of journal names with links to the database(s) that have the journal in full text. Click the database name to open the journal's homepage within that database.
  4. Browse through the periodical by choosing the year that you wish to browse, and then choosing individual issues.

More Help:

For more tips on successful searching for this discussion, see our guides: