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SOCW 2001 Week 4 Discussion: Week 4 Discussion


For this Discussion you will need to locate a newspaper article that provides a current example of discrimination or oppression.

By the end of this guide you will be able to: 

  • select an appropriate database
  • limit results to newspaper articles
  • search for newspaper articles on discrimination or oppression
  • organize results from newest to oldest
  • locate the permalink URL for the article


Select a database

A number of the library databases contain newspapers from around the world.  Some of these databases are:

Academic Search Complete


ProQuest Central

Each of these database require different steps to find newspapers:

Academic Search Complete:

On the Advanced Search screen, select Newspapers from the Publication Type box.


On the main screen, you will see the News option at the top of the page.



ProQuest Central:

On the Advanced Search screen, select Newspapers from the Source Type box. You will need to use the scroll bar in the box to find Newspapers. It looks like this:

Search for articles

For this example, let's search in Academic Search Complete for a current newspaper article on discrimination or oppression.

1. Start at the Walden Library Homepage

2. Click on Databases A-Z

3. Click on A for a list of databases starting with A. Click on Academic Search Complete

4. Now we are on the search page. In the first search box type: discrimination OR oppression

6. In the drop-down menu to the right of the search field, select SU Subject Terms

7. Check the box marked Full Text

8. Under Publication Type, select Newspaper

9. Click Search

Organize results by date

On the results page, you can use the sort feature to organize the search results from newest to oldest.

1. Click the Relevance drop-down menu

2. Click Date Newest

Locate the URL

To acquire a working URL of the article, we need to find the permalink. Unfortunately, the URL in your browser window is unstable and not suitable for citation. To find the permalink of an article: 

1. Click on the title of an article you are interested in.

2. Click on Permalink

3. Copy the URL address in the Permalink box