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SOCI 4080D Week 2 Assignment: Week 2 Assignment

Researching your selected social movement

Below are links to selected databases that are a good place to start for researching a social movement:

ProQuest Central

Thoreau multiple database search

Searching databases is different than using a search engine such as Google. You need to be mindful of the keywords you type into the search boxes. Keeping one concept per search box/row is recommended. Below are some examples of how you can search your selected social movement.

Search Tip: Using the Boolean operator OR between keywords or phrases allows you to include related terms and find more results. Be sure to only use OR between related terms.

ProQuest Central Advanced Search examples:

1st search row: "red power"
2nd search row: Native Americans OR American Indians


1st search row: lesbian OR gay OR bisexual OR transgender
2nd search row: civil rights OR human rights 

Thoreau multiple database search example:

1st search box: lesbian OR gay OR bisexual OR transgender
2nd search box: civil rights OR human rights 

Further Reading

Successful searching in research databases is reliant on a sound keyword search strategy. 

View our Keyword Searching guide to learn the skills that will enable you to become a savvy researcher.

Keyword Searching Guide