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PSYC 8002L Assignment Resources: Week 6 Application


For this application, review the article provided in this week’s resources, “Sadder and Less Accurate? False Memory for Negative Material in Depression.” 

Then, use the Walden University Library or Internet resources to find and select one professional journal article that presents an opposing view on this topic.


  • Autobiographical Memory
  • Cognitive Bias
  • Depression
  • Emotional States
  • Explicit Memory
  • False Memory
  • Happy
  • Implicit Memory
  • Memory
  • Memory Bias
  • Mood-congruent Memory
  • Recall

Find articles

You can use PsycINFO to search for full text, peer reviewed articles related to depression and memory.

1. Type "explicit memory" OR "false memory" OR "implicit memory" OR "memory bias" in the 1st search box. Type depression in the 2nd search box


2. To more quickly determine the position of the article, read the abstract and perhaps the discussion or conclusion at the end of the article.

Tip: You can view the abstract by clicking on the article title.

Abstract screenshot

Discussion screenshot

Search Google Scholar

You can also use Google Scholar to find articles related to depression and memory.

In the Google Scholar search box type "explicit memory" OR "false memory" AND "implicit memory" OR "memory bias" AND depression