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NURS 6531 Week 5 Assignment 1: Week 5 Assignment 1


For Assignment 1 of Week 5 you are asked to search reputable sources for a case study on a patient who required pulmonary function testing. This guide will teach you how to locate a case study on this topic in the Walden Library. Specifically, it will help you:

  • pick effective keywords
  • limit your search to only peer-reviewed case studies

Pick keywords

When searching the Library databases for articles on a specific topic, it's important to find the keywords or search terms that will bring back relevant articles. One way to do this is to run a basic search on your topic and then examine your results, particularly the subject terms, to see if there are other keywords you could use.


For example, you could run a search in the CINAHL Plus with Full Text database on:

Pulmonary Function Testing


In the results you'll see that the database has a subject term that it uses for articles related to pulmonary function testing:

Respiratory Function Tests


Since Respiratory Function Tests is the term the database uses, you'll get more results by using it as your search term instead of Pulmonary Function Testing.


Reflection Question: How many articles did you find when searching for Pulmonary Function Testing? How many for Respiratory Function Tests? Why do you think there was such a large difference?


To learn more about picking effective keywords, please see our guide:

Search for a case study

Now that you know what keywords to use, here is a search that you can do in the CINAHL Plus with Full Text database to find case studies:

1. On the Library homepage, go to the Subject Resources box.

2. Click on Select a subject and choose: Nursing

3. Scroll down until you see a section called Nursing articles, journals & books.

4. Click on Nursing databases and then click on the link for CINAHL Plus with Full Text to access the database.

Note: If you have not already logged in to the Library databases, you will be prompted to log in with your myWalden Portal user name and password.

5. Once you are in the database, go to the first search box and enter your keywords:

Respiratory Function Tests


6. One way to limit your results to articles from reputable sources is to search only peer-reviewed journals. To limit your search to full text, peer-reviewed articles, go below the search boxes and click in the boxes under Full Text and Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.


7. To limit your results to only case studies, scroll down until you see the Publication Type box in the left column.

8. Scroll down in the Publication Type box and click on Case Study to select it.

Click here to see this search in context.


9. Then click on the Search button to run your search.

10. That should give you a list of full-text, peer-reviewed case studies on Respiratory Function Tests.