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NSEI 6721 Week 3 Application: Week 3 Application

Locate an IS program implemenation case study

This week's application asks you to:

"Research and present a case study (not addressed in the textbook) in which a major IS project succeeded specifically because the IS analysts understood and avoided pervasive but unacknowledged beliefs or behaviors."

To find such a case study, you'll need to brainstorm some potential belief or behavior that presents a challenge to implementing an IS project.  Reflect on your course readings and discussion, to do this.  Then, try incorporating keywords representing that belief into a search.

By the end of this guide, you should be able to:

  • locate an appropriate database to search.
  • understand how to search case studies.
  • locate an article to use for your application.

How to search for a Case Study

It will be easiest to find case studies discussing  information systems program implementation in our Information systems and technology oriented databases. You may also find relevant articles in our Business and management databases if you would like to expand your search.

There is a broad search example provided below on how to limit your search to case studies. You will need to provide any additional keywords to help locate articles on another subtopic.

1. From the Walden Library Home Page click the  Articles by Topic button.

2. Click on Information systems and technology in the center of the page.

3. Now let's choose the database: Click on Computers and Applied Sciences Complete 

Login with your myWalden email and password. 

4. Type your keywords into the search boxes for example:

First Search Box:  

“case study”

Note: Using the quotation marks searches for that exact phrase and prevents the database from splitting up the terms.

Second Search Box:  

Program implement*

Note: The asterisk truncates the term so the database will return any hits on that word with different endings (implement, implantation, implementing, etc.).

5. Under the search boxes, click inside the check mark boxes for "Full Text" and "Peer


Here's what the Full Text and Peer Reviewed boxes look like:


 6. Click on Search

Helpful guides

Are you struggling to think of keywords that may describe the difficulties associated with project implementation? See our Keyword searching guides with tips on brainstorming terms.

Information Systems and Technology Research in the Walden University Library

Learn about the resources available to you through the Walden Library! We will focus on searching information systems and technology databases, finding articles, locating course readings, links to authoritative government websites, and other resources that will be helpful to you throughout your program.

Information Systems and Technology Research in the Walden Library (YouTube)

Recorded March 2020 (46 min 30 sec)