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MMSL 6100 Week 5 Application: Week 5 Application

Assignment overview

The Week 5 application asks that after reviewing the Walden University Library Links and Resources in this week's Learning Resources, to conduct a keyword search in the Walden Library and download two peer-reviewed articles to use for this assignment.

  • Explain two ways that you evaluated the two articles you downloaded to ensure the information within them is, in fact, reliable and accurate.
  • Explain how you know that the two articles you downloaded are, in fact, from peer-reviewed journals.
  • Write a paragraph explaining the importance, to a scholar-practitioner, of peer review of scholarly journals.
  • Include in your explanation the importance of peer-reviewed articles to a scholar-practitioner in your area(s) of interest.

This guide will provide instruction on how to:

  • locate peer-reviewed articles in the Walden Library.
  • how to evaluate articles.
  • how to verify an article is peer-reviewed.
  • understand the importance of peer-review in publishing.
  • how to download articles from the Library's databases.

APA Help

The Walden Writing Center can provide help with APA citations. 

Contact them at:

Or check out these resources from the Writing Center's website: