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MGMT 8015 Week 8: Home

Assignment overview

In the week eight assignment, you are asked to explain how globalization, the speed at which workers and organizations can create new knowledge, and the digitization revolution are influencing the nature of work, organizational competition, and the managerial role. You are also required to provide an example in which management change impacted an organization. 

This guide will assist you in locating peer reviewed articles in the Walden Library on these topics to help you complete the assignment. After reviewing this guide you should be able to:

  • locate subject databases in the Walden Library
  • search for peer reviewed articles on your topic in the databases

Select an appropriate database and enter keywords

  1. On the Library homepage, navigate to the Research by Subject box.
  2. Click on Research by Subject and choose: Business & Management
  3. From the Business & Management accordion, choose the database Business Source Complete.
    Login with your myWalden email and password. 
  4. Type your keywords into the search boxes for example:

    First Search Box:  

    globaliz* OR digitiz*

    Note: Be sure to use the asterisk. It searches for any ending of that word.

    Note: Learn more about Boolean terms: AND, OR, NOT.

    Second Search Box:  


    Third Search Box:  

    competition OR manag* OR work flow
  5. Under the search boxes, click inside the check mark boxes for "Full Text" and "Peer Reviewed".
  6. Click on Search. Review your results for relevant articles.


Were you able to locate relevant articles on week eight's assignment topic? If not, did you play with the keywords or try a different database?