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"Perfectionists are often much harder on themselves than students who simply hold themselves to a high standard. As a result, they may, as Jody notes, feel "‘stupid’ or completely incompetent because of small mistakes,” focusing only on the more critical aspects of an instructor’s feedback, or those two small percentage points that prevented them from earning a 100%."

"There’s no replacement for a positive field experience.

To ensure that your experience is as smooth and productive as possible, take your time when researching state and programmatic requirements and consider devising a back-up plan. Connect with your fellow students, as well as the School of Counseling’s Office of Field Experience staff, so that you can ask questions and get support when you need it."

Continuing Your Journey: Adjusting to Graduate-Level Expectations

If you are thinking of transitioning into a Master’s program at Walden, you’re not alone... three [peer mentors] recently completed their undergraduate and chose Walden for their Master’s degrees.

"It’s natural to feel overwhelmed or unsure of yourself when starting something new. All three of the peer mentors interviewed for this post agreed that higher expectations in their Master’s programs required them to adjust their study schedules. But they also agreed that their undergraduate programs at Walden set them up for success, so rest assured knowing that you have the tools to succeed in this next stage of your journey!"