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Undergraduate Faculty Library Guide: Required Readings

Required Library Course Readings: Accession numbers are bad

While the courses were developed instructing students to access a particular database and locate an article by Accession Number, this is actually a very inefficient way to locate an article. Accession numbers can and do change.

Because locating required course readings in the library was problematic for students, we created course guides that include links to those required readings. Students can navigate to their course guide via the blue Course Guides button on the Library Homepage

Confused Students

Students frequently think that the faculty person wrote the course reading instructions.

Sometimes students are very confused why their professor would tell them to access readings in this more complicated manner.

You can ease your students' pain and confusion by posting the URL to your course guide, explaining library readings are linked in the guide.

Course Guides follow this friendly URL pattern: 

Each course guide has the same initial URL, with the course code following the forward-slash.