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Thoreau: Search Multiple Databases: How to search Thoreau

How to access Thoreau

You can search Thoreau with the search box on top of the Library Homepage.

Start your search in Thoreau

  • Start your search broadly, with just one term. For example: 

test scores

  • You can also type in your keywords separated by AND, like this:

test scores AND school lunches

  • Click on the search icon to be taken to the results. You can limit further on the results page. 

Learn about keyword searching in databases in our guide: 

Search by author in Thoreau

One great use of Thoreau is to do an author search. 

Since Thoreau searches many, but not all, of our databases, this can be beneficial when you are trying to locate articles by a specific author.

  1. Type the author's name in the first search box, and use the format:  lastname, firstname

    For example, you would enter Bandura, Albert to look for articles by Bandura.

  2. Choose AU Author from the drop-down list by clicking Select a Field (optional) to the right of the search box.

This tells the database to only search for works by the specified author.

Database discovery in Thoreau

If you're unsure what specific databases would be most relevant to your topic, use Thoreau to discover them! 

After you do a basic search, look at the options on the left side of your results. Scroll down the page to Databases.

Click once on the word Databases to expand that section. This will list  the databases in the order of the highest number of  results. Click on Show More to see the full list.

Learn about the Find at Walden button

The Find @ Walden button searches our databases to find the article for you. You may see it under the information about the article in the search results.

However, sometimes it cannot find the item. This technology is not perfect and may fail for a variety of reasons, such as: 

  • inaccurate information from the publisher
  • data entry errors
  • journal subscription changes
  • article pulled by publisher or author

If the Find @ Walden service does not successfully locate full text, search for the item directly using the journal title. This information is available in the citation.

Search Tip: Use the links at the top of the Thoreau search results page to jump directly to the Journal & Book Finder. 

Search help unique to Thoreau

On your search results page, look at the top and right side for links to help guides, specific Quick Answers and the Ask a Librarian service.