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Statistics & Data: Statistics & Data by Topic

Statistics combined search

The search box below provides a composite Google search of all the websites listed on this page. After running a search, look at which websites come up most often. This will help you gain better insight into which website will provide the most relevant information.

Video: datasets search with the combined search box

See how to search for datasets using the statistics combined search box above by watching this short video.

Datasets search with combined search box

(2 min 10 sec) Recorded June 2019

Business & Management

Criminal Justice


Health Sciences & Nursing

Human Services & Social Work


Child Welfare

Mental Health

Public Assistance

Public Health

Political Science

Policy, Administration, and Security

Psychology & Counseling


If you are struggling to locate statistics from a country outside of the United States please reach out to Ask a Librarian.

Resources outside of the Library

ICPSR is available through the Office of Research and Doctoral Services:

Start with the ICPSR Data Use Tutorial.