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Sage Research Methods Online: Introduction to Sage Research Methods Online

About Sage Research Methods Online

Sage Research Methods Online contains over 800 books, reference works, journal articles, and videos that provide information about research methods and design. SAGE Research Methods can help provide context for writing a research question, conducting a literature review, choosing a research method, collecting and analyzing data, and writing up the findings. This database includes a range of methods commonly used in social and behavioral sciences, technology, science, medicine, and the humanities.


Resources provided by Sage Research Methods Online

Sage Research Methods Online Methods Map The Methods Map allows you to move through the research process in a visual way by providing related resources for each step you take. 

The green circle in the middle shows the term being viewed. The definition of each term is shown at the top, along with a link to view content on that subject. To the left of the method are broader terms and to the right are narrower terms.

Clicking on a term makes that term the central method, displaying it in the green circle. Related terms that are not broader or narrower are shown below. Clicking on the broader, narrower or related term circles expands them to show all those methods.

Open the Methods Map in SRMO

Research Stages, Overview, Philosophy of Research, Defining a Topic, Reviewing the Literature, Developing a Researchable Question, Research Design, Planning and Practicalities Research Ethics, Data Collection ,Data Analysis and Interpretation, Writing Up, DisseminationThis tool is designed to guide you through your research project.  First, think about what stage you're at in your research.  If you've already gotten started, click on the stage below that best describes where you are.  If you're just starting out, it might be helpful to read more about why we do research before getting started.