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Social Welfare Policy: Social Welfare Policy Databases

Social Welfare Policy Databases

Scroll down to view databases relevant to social welfare policy or select one of the following subject areas:

Public Policy & Administration Databases

Social Work Databases

Human Services Databases

Legal Databases

Click on the following databases to get started with your legal research. For a helpful introduction to these databases and other ways of doing legal research, please see our guide, Find Court Cases and Legal Research.

Video: Nexis Uni: Introduction

(4 min 55 sec) Recorded June 2022

Other Suggested Databases

Consider your specific topic of interest related to health policy and determine if other subject-specific databases fit your topic.

For instance, if you're looking at policy related to private hospital management, you might consider a Business & Management database. If you're looking at school health policies, an Education database would be a good fit.

Explore our different Subject Resource pages where you can find subject-specific databases: