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LGBTQ+ Research Starter: Collections

Collection Breakdown

The Walden University Library contains a large, diverse collection of books, journals, and other  materials related to LGBTQ+ issues.  Scroll down to view the collection, which has been broken  down into subject areas and material types.

Note: The materials listed below are by no means an exhaustive representation of the LGBTQ+-related materials found in the Walden University Library.  Presented below is a curated list of resources designed to highlight aspects of our collection that relate directly to LGBTQ+ issues.  


Don't forget to check out our search tips for accessing materials within our collection!

LGBT database

The Walden University Library offers access to LGBT Life with Full Text, which is an impressive collection of both scholarly and popular publications related to LGBTQ+ issues.  Check it out below!

Thoreau: Multi-Database Search Tool

Thoreau is a great tool for performing a search across a large portion of our general collection.  You can use Thoreau to explore and discover articles on a variety of LGBTQ+-related topics.

Health & medicine

Policy & law

Counseling, psychology, & social work