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Instructional Media: Tutorials

Quick Introduction to the Walden Library

This tutorial will show you basic navigation of the Walden Library website.

Anatomy of a Research Article

Learn about the basic structure of research articles, what to look for and how to find what you need in the different parts.

Boolean Searching

Learn how to use AND, OR and NOT to create effective searches in the Library databases.

Choosing Search Terms

Walk through a sample topic search in a library database to see how different keywords affect results.

Finding Databases

Learn how to find databases in the Library by subject area or by database name.

Finding Full Text

Find out how to locate full text, whether you're searching for articles on a topic or trying to find an exact article from a citation.

Reference and Citation Mining

Learn how to find more articles on your topic by following the threads of conversation.

Sage Research Methods Online

Watch demo searches for both qualitative and quantitative methodology information in this database.