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Video: Accessing the full-text of a Harvard Business Review article

(3 min 02 sec) Transcript

Why is this happening?

This is not an issue affecting Walden University alone -- Harvard Business Review set these restrictions for any university or library accessing the  articles via the EBSCO databases.  Journal publishers and database companies sometimes struggle to reach agreements on licensing and access, and unfortunate incidents such as this one are the result.  

Harvard Business Review: Restricting access to articles

Harvard Business Review has restricted access to articles offered in the EBSCO databases, worldwide.   As a result, you will be able to search for and read articles, but you may not be able to print the PDF.  In addition, we cannot link directly to the article in our course guides.  This decision from Harvard has resulted in any error messages about access that you may be seeing.  

Getting to your Harvard Business Review articles

If you attempt to access a restricted article through a link, you may get a screen with a message telling you that the article cannot be accessed via that link:



PLEASE NOTE:  You can still access the full-text of the article in the databases -- but you will need to search for the article in the database, in order to view the PDF.  


Follow these steps tosearch for the article you need:

1.  Start at the Start Your Research tab on the library website.

2.  Click the Journals & Articles link.

3.  Enter Harvard Business Review in the Enter exact journal title or keyword search box.

4.  Click the magnifying class to search for journal. 

5.  On the next page, you'll see Harvard Business Review listed in the results list, with a link to the database(s) that have it in full text. 

 6.  Click the database link.  If there are multiple databases listed, click the one with the date range that includes your article.

 7.  Using the citation information, browse the journal by year, volume, and issue to find the exact article.


Please note:  You can open and view the PDF full text online, and you can save the PDF to your computer.  However, you cannot print the full text.