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Full-Text Articles: Buy an Article

Buying articles

Occasionally you may wish to purchase an article. While there are a variety of sources for buying articles online, the library has a few that we recommend.

Below are instructions for ordering articles from the publisher or journal, from UCLA, or from the British Library. If you cannot find what you are looking for from the following sources, contact the library for further help.

Articles from publishers and journals

Often you can buy individual articles directly from a publisher or journal. Prices range from around $10–40, depending on the journal. Find an article at Google Scholar by searching for, and then clicking on, an article's title.

You will then likely see the article's abstract and possibly a preview. However, if you click to see full text, you probably won't actually get it. Instead you will be asked to log in or pay.


Look for an option to buy the article. Keep in mind:

  • You cannot log in with your myWalden username and password. These are completely different websites from Walden Library.
  • You may see the article price right away; other times you need to register before you can see the cost.
  • After purchase, the article will likely be available immediately and online, but the time you have to view it may be limited. If possible, save a PDF to your personal computer right away in case you lose access.

Articles from UCLA

The University of California Los Angeles Library makes available its document delivery service to non-UCLA students and faculty.. Their document delivery service tends to be fairly inexpensive for individual users.  

Visit their Document Delivery Non-UCLA Users for more information.

Articles from the British Library

The British Library is a nice place to turn for document delivery needs, because they offer digital downloads that are usually available immediately.

Visit the British Library's document supply service to learn more about using this service.

Document Delivery Service (DDS)

If you're working on your dissertation or doctoral study, you can request articles through DDS. We will try to find the item at another library and e-mail it to you for free (restrictions apply).  

Learn more about DDS.