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Find Full Text: Course Readings

Walden courses have three types of readings

Textbook readings

These are usually book chapters labeled as Course Texts, sometimes under the heading Texts or Textbooks. The library rarely has textbooks; you need to buy these yourself. See your course syllabus for more information.

Linked readings

Many readings—articles, reports, websites, and more—have links directly in the course. Click the link in your course to access the item. 

Library readings

These are articles you can find in the library. You can look up the article in the specified database, but it's faster to use the library course guide.

How do I find an optional reading?

Because optional/supplemental readings are not listed in the course guides, you will need to find them on your own. Please note, not all optional readings are available in the library.

Use the Find an Exact Article guide to learn how to look up an exact article and get the full text, if available.

Where do I get textbooks?

Walden Library rarely has textbooks. Check by searching for the book's title in the Library's book search.

You can buy your textbooks from the Walden Bookstore, or anywhere you want, whether online at sites such as or your local bookstore. Just be sure to get the correct edition; for your assignments, you may need to refer to case studies or exercises that are only available in certain editions.

The exception to buying course materials anywhere is the Walden University, LLC DVD or any Walden University edition textbook or custom course pack. These are designed specially for Walden students and are available only at the Walden Bookstore.

If you have questions, call 800-325-3252 or contact the Bookstore.

My textbook hasn't arrived. Help!

The library rarely has textbooks, nor do we have emergency, short-term use e-books or excerpts that we can mail. But there a few things you can try if you don't have your textbook yet.


If you're concerned about keeping up with your assignments, contact your professor. 

My class doesn’t have a guide or a reading is missing.

Check your course and make sure it lists required readings from the library. Some courses have all readings linked directly in the classroom, and thus there is no course guide.

If it seems there should be a library course guide, or if a reading is missing and there's no link in your course and it's not a textbook reading, contact us through the Ask a Librarian and we'll investigate. If it's a new course, the library guide may not yet be created, and we'll want to know about it!