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Library Guide to Capstone Literature Reviews: Find Full Text


When doing your capstone research, we highly recommend that you not limit your searches to only full text articles. In order to be comprehensive, you need to know about all articles that are relevant to your research, regardless of if they are available in full text in the Walden Library.


On this page you'll learn more about:

  • getting full text articles
  • using your local libraries

Full text articles

For articles that are not available in the database you are searching, there are a couple of ways that you can check to see if the full text is available somewhere else in the Library. Please see this Quick Answer on locating a specific article to learn more:


If we do not have the full text of an item that you need in the Library, you can use our Document Delivery Service (DDS) to request the item. There are a few things to know about this service.

  • You can only request articles and book chapters, not complete books.
    • Since the Walden Library does not have physical books that we can loan to other libraries, we can't borrow physical books from other libraries.
  • It can take from 7-10 days to receive a requested item through DDS.
  • There is a 30 article limit on the number of items you can request.


To learn more about DDS, please see our DDS website:

Local libraries

No library can have everything that you'll need for your capstone research. That's why it's good practice to explore the libraries in your area and learn what materials they have and what services they provide. You may have access to a variety of local libraries.

  • Public Libraries
    • Public libraries are generally available to people living within their jurisdiction. Check with your particular library for their requirements on getting a library card.
    • Many public libraries offer interlibrary loan (ILL) services to their patrons. This can be especially useful for getting books that are not available in the Walden Library.
  • Local University Libraries
    • Many university libraries allow anyone to use their print materials in the library.  There may be restrictions on electronic access due to licensing regulations. If there is a university library close to you, check its website to see what kind of access you would have as a guest.
  • Library at your Alma Mater
    • Some libraries provide access to alumni. This can be another way to get access to books and articles that are not available in the Walden Library.


If you are looking for a particular book or journal, you can use WorldCat to see if a library close to you owns the item. To learn more about WorldCat, please see our guide: