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About: Overview

Library Mission


The Walden University Library is dedicated to fostering an information-literate Walden community.

We achieve our mission by supporting the educational goals and research needs of Walden's students, faculty, and staff. We provide access to resources, instruction, and services necessary for academic success. The Library teaches skills for finding, analyzing, and using information to build a community of information-literate lifelong learners.


The Walden University Library values innovation.

  • The Library will adapt to organizational and environmental change.
  • The Library values creativity as a means to find elegant solutions to complex problems.
  • The Library seeks to create opportunities to innovate.

The Walden University Library values data-driven decision making.

  • The Library identifies needs, conducts pilot studies, and collects and analyzes data on use, satisfaction, outcomes, and benchmarks to determine solutions and inform plans.
  • The Library goes where the data leads us.


The Walden University Library meets our community at their point of need through a robust, forward-thinking, and technologically innovative reference service.

The Walden University Library's collections meet the information needs of the scholar-practitioner community through regular assessment and data-driven collection development.

The Walden University Library informs strategic planning with continual assessment and reflective practice.

The Walden University Library offers a research-based program of student-centered information literacy instruction, creating both best practices and empowered scholar practitioners.