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About: Overview

Library Mission


The Walden University Library is dedicated to fostering an information-literate Walden community.


  • The Library serves as the center of expertise for information literacy skills within Walden University.
  • Information literacy instruction and library resources are seamlessly integrated into the student experience to serve students at the point of need.
  • The Library effectively supports Walden faculty and administration in building a culture of academic excellence.
  • Walden University graduates have mastery of information literacy skills that allow them to be effective scholar-practitioners of social change.


  • Offer a research-based program of student-centered information literacy instruction, creating both best practices and empowered scholar practitioners.
  • Meet our community at their point of need through a robust, forward-thinking, and technologically innovative reference service.
  • Our collections meet the information needs of the scholar-practitioner community through regular assessment and data-driven collection development.
  • Inform strategic planning with continual assessment and reflective practice.


The Walden University Library values innovation.

  • The Library will adapt to organizational and environmental change.
  • The Library values creativity as a means to find elegant solutions to complex problems.
  • The Library seeks to create opportunities to innovate.

The Walden University Library values data-driven decision making.

  • The Library identifies needs, conducts pilot studies, and collects and analyzes data on use, satisfaction, outcomes, and benchmarks to determine solutions and inform plans.
  • The Library goes where the data leads us.