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HUMN 8337 Week 6 Discussion: Week 6


For this discussion, select a specific culture or ethnicity different from your own. By Day 4 Post a brief description of the culture or ethnicity that you selected. Then explain the appropriate use of proxemics and haptics in a counseling session with a client of this culture or ethnicity.

Goal: Locate an article that discusses proxemics or haptics in a specific culture

After reading through this guide you will be able to find an article for the discussion by:

  • searching for articles using Thoreau Multi-Database Search, which searches multiple databases in the Library
  • determining appropriate keywords that represent the chosen culture, haptics, and proxemics


How to search for articles

1. From the Walden Library home page, click the Articles by Topic button.


2. Look for the box on the right titled Search multiple databases and click on Thoreau.

     Login with your myWalden email and password. 

3.  In the first search box enter:

multicultural counseling OR haptics OR proxemics

Note: Not all articles will use the terms haptics or proxemics so you can add multicultural counseling to broaden the search.

     In the second search box type the culture you have chosen (this example uses Japan): 


Note: The * allows you to capture both Japan and Japanese.  Using an asterisk (*) after the beginning of a word tells the database to search for any variations in endings of the word.

    Your search should look like this:


4. In the Limit your results section under the search boxes, click inside the boxes to check Full Text and Peer Reviewed.


5. Click on Search

Not every culture will have articles written about it. If you get no results try searching a different culture.

For more information about choosing keywords look at our Keyword Searching Guide.

The sample search was expanded by using synonyms that express the same concept, separating them with the word OR.  To learn more about the use of OR, AND and NOT, look at our Boolean guide.


1. Were you able to find articles on your topic? If not, did you try searching for different cultures?

2. Did the definitions listed help you in completing your assignment? Did they provide context for your search? How could looking up definitions help you with future assignments?