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HINF 6100 Week 2 Discussion: Week 2


For this Discussion, you are asked to select a specific health informatics professional role that you might wish to pursue and research that role through a literature review. Your literature review should be a summary and critical evaluation of scholarly articles, books, dissertations, and conference proceedings.

This guide will help you:

  • Choose an appropriate Library database for health informatics research
  • Conduct an effective keyword search on a chosen role in a Library database
  • Search for information on professional association or government websites
  • Evaluate and select sources for research

Choose a role

Before you start searching, you'll need to choose a role to investigate for this assignment. If you're not sure what role you want to use, try exploring for a health informatics role in these places:

  • Your course readings- You will be able to find specific roles mentioned in your readings.
  • Google searches- Try searching for "health informatics roles" or "health informatics jobs" in Google to see the names of specific roles

Once you have your role chosen, you may also want to do a quick Google search to see if there are other names for the role you've chosen.

Choose a database

The Health Sciences Research page offers a list of databases that are recommended for searching for articles on a health informatics role. 

1. On the Library homepage, go to the Subject Resources box.

2. Click on Select a subject and choose: Health sciences

3. Scroll down until you see a section called Health Sciences articles, journals & books.

4. Click on Health Sciences databases and choose a database. The ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source database is a great place to find current, peer-reviewed articles on a health informatics role.

Search for articles

Try searching for articles related to your chosen role as in the example below. For this example let's use the role of: chief medical information officer

Here is an example of a search that you can do in the  ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source database to find articles that discuss this role:

1. Once you are in ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source, enter your keywords in the search boxes.

First search box type the name of your role:

"chief medical information officer"

Note: It is very helpful to put the role in quotes like this to "glue" the words together as an exact phrase.

2. Below the search boxes, under Limit your results, click the boxes under Full Text and Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.


3. Click on the Search button to run your search.

4. You should now have a list of recent articles on your topic. To open an article, click on the PDF Full Text link.


Academic, government, or professional association websites

You are also advised in your discussion to use academic, government, or organization websites for information on your chosen informatics role.

Try searching with these tricks in Google to find academic or government websites:

Example: "chief medical information officer"

Note: This tells Google to search only for academic websites since their web addresses will always end in .edu.

Again, use the quote marks to "glue" the words of the role together as an exact phrase.


Example: "chief medical information officer" site: .gov

Note: This tells Google to search only for government websites since their web addresses will always end in .gov.


It can be a bit trickier to search for professional organization websites. You can try searching as we did above but use, however, not every result will be a professional organization. You will need to look carefully at the results you get, visit their webpages, and look for an "About" section to determine if you've found a professional organization's website.


Unsure what to use? For more help assessing the sources you find for this literature review, see our Evaluating Resources guide.

Books & more

You may want to search for other resource types to find more information about your health informatics role. Try searching these other collections in the Walden Library:

  • Books: Search the Walden Library ebooks for titles on health informatics or for your specific role.
    Click here to go to our Book search page.
  • Conference Proceedings: You may come across conference proceedings in your other searches in the Health Sciences databases or you can search specifically in our IEEE Xplore Digital Library database. This database contains only conference proceedings. Try searching broadly for "health informatics" in this database.
  • Dissertations: Search the Dissertations database for research on health informatics in general or for your specific role.
    Click here to go to our Dissertations database.