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Grammar and Mechanics: Home


The elements of grammar are the building blocks of writing. Here are some of the grammar resources available at the Writing Center:

  • The Grammar and Mechanics pages on the Form and Style website provide explanations and examples of some of the various elements of English grammar and punctuation that capstone writers often have questions about.
  • The Doctoral Multilingual Writers Kit on the Form and Style website is directed at doctoral multilingual students who are working on their final project, doctoral study, or dissertation. This kit contains tips and resources to help multilingual doctoral students navigate their final written document. Some tips for grammar are included in this kit.
  • Grammar and mechanics blog posts. Grammar is a frequent topic on the Writing Center blog. The above link goes to blog posts tagged with “grammar and mechanics.” Check the blog often for new posts.
  • Grammar modules. These are self-paced instructional modules to help develop grammar skills. There is also a diagnostic quiz to take to determine which skills to focus on.
  • Grammar webinars. These 1-hour webinars focus on sentence structure and various grammatical constructs. The recorded webinars are always available, and each webinar is presented live about once per year.
  • Grammarly. This is a free tool available through the Writing Center that can identify grammar, syntax, and spelling errors and provide feedback. Grammarly is best for writers who have a strong grasp of English grammar and may not be as helpful for writers who have a large variety and number of sentence-level errors.