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EDUC 6005 Week 5 Assignment: Week 5 Assignment

Option 2: Review a Journal Article

For this week's application you have the option of reviewing a journal. This page will help you learn how to locate a journal in the Walden Library.

Locating a Specific Journal

If you want to see if we have a particular journal, or you want to search in a specific journal, you'll want to use our Find a journal by title option.

1.  On the library website,  click on Journals button.

2.  On this page, you'll see our Find a journal by title box:

3.  Type the name of the journal and click search.

4.  Click on the Full Text Access link to see the database(s) that have it in full text and their coverage. 

Results for American Journal of Education Studies with Full Text Access opened to show databases that have that journal and coverage dates.

These are also the first steps you'll take to find a specific article, if you have the citation for it. You can see the steps outlined on our Find an Exact Article guide.

Note:  If you prefer, you can browse journals by discipline within the Library: