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EDUC 6002 Module 3 Assignment: Module 3 Assignment

Educational Leadership Assignment

For this assignment you'll need to find at least 5 recent articles. The following boxes will help you search the Walden Library for relevant articles.

Video: Education Databases and Research Page

Research Starters

Not sure where to start?

Our Education Research Starters provide overviews of topics, and may help you decide on your own research topic.

Below are some examples:

Search Tips

Library databases aren't like Google: they are very literal.  You must search for the exact keywords authors have used.

Combine keywords using Boolean Operators (AND and OR), and use the asterisk * to find all word forms.

tutoring AND achievement Finds articles that use BOTH keywords
junior high OR middle school Finds articles that use EITHER of the similar keywords
plagiar* (shift+8) Finds all endings of the word: plagiarize, plagiarism, etc.

Search Limits

Look for search limits on the Advanced Search page in the database.

Date limits:

Date Limit in Ebscohost database

Date Limit in Sage database


Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Limit:

Limit to peer review in Ebscohost

Note: everything in the SAGE database is peer reviewed, so you will not see a limit.


Full Text:

Full Text limit in Ebscohost

Limit to content available in SAGE

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