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EDPD 8064 Annotated Bibliography: Annotated Bibliography

Learning outcomes project

Part D of the Learning Outcomes Project in EDPD 8064 is to complete an annotated bibliography related to promoting the success of diverse learners.  The requirement for this component of the Learning Outcomes Project is 20 or more articles The resources should be related to each of the topics below as follows:

  • Curriculum: 5 resources
  • Instruction: 5 resources
  • Parental Involvement: 5 resources
  • Literacy: 5 resources

All components of the Learning Outcomes Project are due by Day 7 of Week 10.


Annotated bibliography

For additional information on the writing aspect of your annotated bibliography, please see the following links from the Writing Center. 

Quick Answer: How do I write an annotated Bibliography?

Writing Center: Annotated Bibliographies

Tips for searching for articles by topic

Here is the basic process, with links to helpful guides for each step:

  1. Pick a topic to research.
  2. Select keywords for the topic.
  3. Use Boolean Operators (AND, OR, and NOT) to join your keywords into a search.
  4. Enter your search into a library database.

Not sure which database to choose? Try Education Source