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EDPD 8055 Week 4 Discussion: Week 4 Discussion

Implementing change with a sociogram

For this Discussion, you will develop a sociogram as it relates to CIAE for a team or an educational setting to which you have access. When developing your sociogram, you may select the form and type that works best for you from the Media Resources.  You may also research any additional resources about sociograms on your own that may assist in the development of your sociogram.

What is a sociogram?

Sociograms are charts that allow an individual to map out relationships within an organization or educational setting. Sociograms are helpful tools as you approach planning for a change. You can find more information on what a sociogram is and how it can be used to help implement a change within an organization by  searching in Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO)

1. On the Library homepage, go to the Subject Resources box.


2. Click on Select a subject and choose: Education.

3.  From the list of brown tabs on the left side of your screen, click on Methodology.

In the top box click on Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO).

5.  In the search box type Sociogram and then click on the magnifying box to start the search.

SRMO search box searching Sociogram and arrow pointing to magnifying glass


6.    On the results page, scroll down to  Discipline in the column on the right side of the screen.  Uncheck Select All and then check off Education.

Limit search to discipline in SRMO


6.      The results will automatically update to all content about Sociograms in the field of Education.



Articles about sociograms

You can search the databases to find articles that either discuss or use examples of sociograms.  Since sociograms are not subject specific, you can do a broad search in Thoreau for articles.  

1.            From the Library homepage, click the Start Your Research link in the toolbar along the top of the page.

2.            In the Search by database box, click on Thoreau Multi-database Search link.

3.            To access the advanced search feature, click on the Go to Thoreau’s Advanced Search link in the Search Thoreau box.


Link to Thoreau's advanced search page


4.           Search for Sociogram, Education, and any other terms that may produce results related to organizations and change.  For instance, you can try the following search: 

Searching Thoreau for Sociogram AND organization* OR administrat* AND education


NOTE:    The asterisk tells the database to search for this root word.  For instance, it will look for articles that contain “Organization” and “Organizational.”

NOTE:     Using the “OR” tells the database to look for either of these search terms.

5.           You can read the abstracts of the results or search for sociogram within the articles.