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Methodology, Research, & Statistics: Library methodology resources

Sage encyclopedias

You can get basic information about methodology in the SAGE Encyclopedias that focus on methodology. There are several titles, each with its own emphasis. Here are some examples:

Sage Research Methods Online

SAGE also produces many high-quality publications on research design and methodology that are available via the SAGE Research Method Online database. This database includes their well-known Little Green and Little Blue books which cover topics in quantitative and qualitative research respectively. SAGE Research Methods Online is a great place to go if you need more guidance regarding your research design, data collection, and analysis.


The Library also has several other methodology-related titles in our ebrary ebook database. This database includes ebook titles from various publishers, and covers a wide range of topics from basic methodology titles to specific help using tools such as SPSS.

You can search ebrary using keywords. Simply type in the term you want to find and ebrary will locate books using that term. A search for the word "methodology" finds thousands of results. You can narrow your search by adding terms related to your field (e.g. business, psychology, etc.) or related to the methodology question you have (e.g. survey, SPSS, sample size, etc.).

Search for articles with a specific methodology

There are times it is helpful to see examples of a methodology, or to see what methodology other researchers in the field are using in their research.

You can find articles that report on research that uses a specific methodology by using methodology terms as search keywords. Useful keywords include the type of study, methods used to gather data, data analysis type, or terminology used to describe the results.

The following Quick Answers explain how to find research articles using various methodologies.