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SOCW 6101 Week 3 Assignment: Home

Goals & objectives

For this assignment, you will conduct research on barriers and intervention approaches for working with diverse families. You will  support your discussion post using peer-reviewed article(s), in addition to the assigned resources. This guide will cover:

  • locating an appropriate subject database
  • using keywords and searching for peer-reviewed articles on your topic

Helpful tips

If you are not finding any articles on your topic, try again using very broad keywords. For example:

family AND race

family AND sexual orientation

family AND disability OR disabled


If you are searching for a specific demographic, try using alternative keyords. For example, 

hispanic OR latinos OR latinas OR Mexican Americans

senior OR aged OR elderly


The Library also has some Research Starters for specific populations. Check back, as we are working on more! 

Search on your topic

The instructions below will help you find an appropriate subject database to conduct your search for peer-reviewed articles on barriers and intervention approaches for working with your chosen diverse family. 

1. From the Walden Library Home Page, click on Select a Subject from the Subject Resources box. 

2. Click on Social Work

3. To see the social work database links, click on Social work databases under Social Work articles, journals, & books.

4. Click on SocINDEX with Full Text.

Log in with your myWalden e-mail and password. 

5. Type your keywords into the search boxes. For the first search, start very broad. Enter diverse family in the first search box to start your exploratory research.

6. After you review some of the results and choose a diverse family system to research, you can narrow your results by adding keywords. For example:

First Search Box:


Second Search Box:


‚ÄčThird Search Box:

immigrant families

Screemshot: Keywords in first and second database search fields.

Note: Adding an asterisk to the end of a root word searches different variations of that work. in this example, barrier* will also search barriers. 

7. Under the search boxes, select the Full Text and Peer Reviewed Scholarly Journals check boxes.


8. Click Search