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Find Optional Readings: Find an Article

Find an article by journal

Looking up an article by journal is the most accurate way to check if we have the article in full text. The year, volume and issue are also important to know.

We will be using the citation below as our search example. We will search using the journal title of the Journal of Educational Computing Research.

Kim, K. J., & Frick, T. W. (2011). Changes in student motivation during online learning. Journal of Educational Computing Research44(1), 1-23.

  1. On the Library homepage click on the Publications button.
  2. Enter the journal title into the Find journals search box. In this case, type in Journal of Educational Computing Research, and click Search. 

  3. Find the journal you need. Click the plus sign in front of Full Text Access to see a list of databases in which the article is include. The database links include information about the publication dates where full text is available. Check the dates and click a database that includes the year in the article citation that you need.

    Note: If your journal isn't listed, check your spelling. If you still cannot find the journal, or if we lack the year you need, the library does not have full text to the article. See other ways to locate full text.
  4. Using the citation information, browse the journal by year, volume, and issue to find the exact article.

    Note: Databases are arranged differently.

    You may see publication years listed. Click a year to see volume and issues. Click an issue to see all articles published in that issue.

    Instead of an individual year, you may see year ranges instead, such as 2010-2016. Click a year range to see the individual years. Click a year to show the volumes and issues. Click an issue to see the articles in that issue.

  5. Look for your article by title or page number. Get full text by clicking the PDF or HTML link.

Need help? Ask a Librarian.