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EDAD 8143 Module 6: Module 6

Scholars on Learning Communities

This week you'll have to research three scholars on the topic of learning communities. The boxes below will help you build searches in the Walden Library databases for articles by these scholars.

Search for Articles by an Author

A quick way to find articles by a specific author is to search using Thoreau, our multi-database search tool.

Locate Thoreau:

1.  On the library website, click the the Start Your Research link in the toolbar along the top of the page.

Start Your Research link circled on the Lib. websi

2.  In the Search by database box, click on the ThoreauSearch Multiple Databases link.

3.  Go to Thoreau's advanced search.

Search using the author's name:

1.  Type the author's last name into the search box.

2.  Change the dropdown menu to AU Author.

3.  Type topic keywords into the other search boxes. For this search I used learning communit* or communit* of practice in the second search box.

4.  Click Search.

This search uses three search strategies. Learn more on our Keyword Searching Guide:

For the greatest number of results, remove the full text limit.

Connect to the full text by clicking the HTML, PDF, Full Text from ERIC or "Find @ Walden" links. Learn more about Finding Full Text.