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SOCI 2001 Multicultural Dimensions of Society Course Project: Course Project

Finding literature on your topic

Your assignment asks you to create an 18- 20-slide presentation analyzing the history, prejudice, discrimination and assimilation of a racial or ethic group of your choosing.  

Using the library will help you find reliable, scholarly articles from reputable publications.

Click on the link below for a quick tutorial on navigating the library.  When you're finished with the tutorial look at the boxes below for help finding information on the ethnic group you decide to research.

Where to start

Your topic is your starting point, but it doesn't have to come off the top of your head. Think about what interests you and conduct exploratory research to determing your topic's focus.

Exploratory research

You can use the search box found on the Library Home page to begin your research. 

This search box is using Thoreau which searches most of the Library’s collection in one place.  It includes articles, books, videos, and more.  The important thing to remember when searching in the library databases is to reduce your topic to keywords instead of searching for an entire question or sentence.

If you were going to explore available information on the Hmong people, you would could start by entering just that:

Your top result is a Research Starter, which you can click on to begin:

You have a lot of results on the page, so to focus on the different aspects of the project you can add more search terms as you go.  Just be sure to limit to one concept per line, separating the synonyms with the word OR within each line,

If you wanted to see what's available about the Hmong people and prejudice, discrimination or stereotypes it would look like this:

There is additional help in the boxes below.  Take some time to explore the library.  And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Keyword and subject searching

Do you have a general topic of interest? Great! Starting with a broad topic is a great strategy for discovering what's available in the literature and determining how you'll focus your topic.

Watch the video below for research tips and strategies when using library databases.

Video: Keyword and Subject Searching

(3 min 23 sec) Recorded Jan 2016

Suggested Databases and News for Exploratory Research

Descriptions and links to recommended databases for undergraduate research.

Evaluating Resources

Do you know how to select the best resources for your project?

Learn more about evaluating for

  • Accuracy
  • Authority
  • Objectivity
  • Currency
  • Coverage

What is Peer Review?

Peer-reviewed journal articles are evaluated by experts in the field prior to publication.

Many of the library databases include a peer review limit.

Top Library Guides