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POLI 1001: American Government: Week 2


In the Resources folder for Week 2 you are told to locate one article in the Walden Library that discusses the passage of a bill in Congress. You will use this in the Application.

Searches in the Library are different from searches on the open web.  It only takes a different search technique to find what you need for your coursework.  Look through the instructions below to find an article in the Library that will work for your assignment.

Passage of a bill in Congress - Find an Article

Follow these steps to run your search:


1. On the Library Homepage, click on the Select a Subject drop-down menu and select Public Policy & Administration:



Now you are on the Public Policy & Administration Research Homepage. 


2. On the Databases page, click on Political Science Complete. Login with your myWalden email and password.



4. Now you are on a search screen with three Search boxes.  Break your topic down into just keywords and type one concept or keyword(s) per box.


In the top search box type: congress


In the middle search box type: bill

In the bottom search box type: pass*

NOTE: the * allows you to capture all forms of a word, i.e. pass, passing, passage


Here's what the search page will look like:



5. Click the Search button.


This will give you a variety of articles that touch on the passage of bills in Congress.

Take it a step further

If you're interested in adding focus to your search, look at the Subject Terms in the results list:


Legislative bills is a consistent Subject Term in the results. See what happens when you change the search term to be legislative bills:


There is also the option to search for legislative bills as a Subject Term.  The difference between Keyword searching and Subject Term searching is that keywords may only appear once or twice in the results you see.  Subject Terms, on the other hand, will look for articles that are about that topic.


Try different searches to see what works best for you.  

For more help

Look at these guides for additional help:

Keyword searching

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