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EIDT 6510 Week 8 Discussion: Week 8 Discussion

Discussion on emerging technologies

Your discussion post this week asks that you look at Library and/or Internet searches:

This week’s Learning Resources highlight some of the emerging technologies related to online instruction; however, there are wealth of technology options we won’t get to cover in this course, and the list of innovative tools continues to grow. Prepare for this week’s discussion by perusing the Walden University Library and performing an Internet search for additional technology solutions for online learning.

  • What are three emerging technologies (not mentioned in the Learning Resources) that are growing in popularity today?
  • What are the benefits/drawbacks for each?
  • What factors (computer processing speeds, bandwidth, operating system compatibility, ADA-compliance, etc.) should be considered before implementing of the technology tool?
  • What is the technology tool’s compatibility with course management systems?
  • Is support or training available for the implementation of the technology tool?

Below is a sample search as well as additional resources to help you find what you need in the Library for your post.

Finding and searching education resources

1.  Go to the Library Home Page

2.  Look for the Select a subject drop-down:

3.  Click on the link to Education

Hint:  The education research page is a good one to bookmark so you can save a few steps in future searches

4. There are many databases to choose from.  A good one to start with is Education Source.

5.  From the search page enter the main concepts of your topic into the search boxes - one concept per line.  Below is an example of a search for emerging technologies in online classrooms:

First search box:  emerging tech*

Second search box:  online OR web-based OR virtual

Third search box: classroom OR teach* OR learn*

Note:  the * allows you to capture different forms of the same word - tech/technology/technologies

You can limit the dates to the most recent to ensure you're looking at the latest emerging technologies.

You can also try searching for additional search terms based on your discussion requirements ... benefits, operating system, course management systems, etc.  If you want to search for four concepts at once you can add a row by clicking on the plus sign to the right of the third search box.

Assessing your results

As you look through your results, see if there are any other keywords that might work for your query.  The titles, subject lines and abstracts are all good places to find additional vocabulary to search as you fine-tune your search to get better results.


You can then re-run your search based on what you've found to get more focused results:


You will not often get what you need on the first try; be ready to re-run your search.

Accessing the full text

You can access the full text from the results page:


Or click on the article title.  From here you can read it online or download:


You can use the tools to print, email it to yourself or download the full text:



For more help

For additional help you can look at these guides:

Peer Review 

Keyword Searching

Full text

Or you can always Ask A Librarian.