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EDUC 8640 Module 5 Assignment: Module 5 Assignment

Finding articles that have cited Barr & Tagg

To find articles that cite a specific item, you'll need to use one of two strategies:

For help with paraphrasing or citing, see the Writing Center.

Google Scholar's Cited By Search

Google Scholar is able to look at the bibliographies of articles and books. This allows it to connect you to more recent items that have cited something.

First, connect Google Scholar to the Walden Library. This will allow you to connect directly to full text in the library.

Then locate the original Barr & Tagg article in Google Scholar. A search for the author names and article title should be enough.

Search for barr tagg from teaching to learning in Google Scholar

Click the Cited by link at the bottom of the Google Scholar entry. The screen shot above shows that 2118 items have cited Barr and Tagg.

This will take you to a list of all of those items. Click the Find at Walden link in the right column to go to the full text in the library. This link will be available for only some of the items in Google Scholar.

Find at Walden link in Google Scholar

Library Database Full Text Search

When an item is cited within an article, you will typically see the authors' last names used for the in-text citation and the full title in the references. This means that you can look for those things in an all text search of a library database.

On the library website, click the blue Articles by Topic button.

Select Education from the list of subjects.

Choose a database. For this search it is best to use a large database such as Education Source or  ERIC.

Enter the author name(s) into one search box. Change the Select a Field (optional) dropdown to TX All Text.

Enter the article title into another search box. Again change the Select a Field (optional) dropdown to TX All Text.

Click Search.

Click the link to the full text of one of your results. You can confirm that it has cited the Barr & Tagg article by checking the references at the end of the article. Read or skim the article to find the exact location that the authors discuss Barr & Tagg.

Watch Videos of the Searches

Video: Finding where Barr & Tagg has been cited using Google Scholar

(1 min 53 sec) Recorded Oct 2017