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EDUC 7223 Week 2 Assignment: Week 2 Assignment

Assignment Help

For this assignment you have to discuss social and political diversity and talk about how they function in school systems.

The boxes below will help you find articles that provide descriptions of these different kinds of diversity:

Definitions of Diversity

Education Databases

Education Databases

The library provides several databases that contain Education resources:

Definitions of Diversity

Not all definitions are found in dictionaries. Scholars often use terms that are too specialized or still too variable to be found in a typical dictionary. In these cases, scholars will define their terms in the literature.

That means that you will need to find definitions within the text of scholarly articles.

Scholars often disagree about the exact meaning of a term, or how it should be used and applied. You will typically see a discussion of terms in the introduction or literature review sections of scholarly articles.

You can use these steps to look for articles:

Pick a database. This example search uses Education Source.

Type your term as your search keyword. If it is a phrase, place it inside quotation marks. For the search below, type "political diversity" into the first search box.

Open the full text of an article and skim the beginning sections.

  • Does the article discuss how the term has been used by others?
  • Does the article provide a specific definition in the context of the research study?

Sometimes you will have to infer the definition based on how the term is used within the article.

You may also want to search for more specific variants of a term. For example, "socio-economic" as well as "social."