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EDUC 6762 Week 2: Week 2

Ask A Librarian

Education Research

This link will take you to the main page for education research, with links to resources selected to meet the needs of education scholar-practitioners.

Finding journals on international education

You are given a link to Journal of Studies in International Education.  Do you know how to find it in the Library?  Do you know how to find journals on international education?

Below are examples of how to find specific journals and how to browse for titles on a topic in the Walden Library.

Finding a journal by title

The Journals page on the Library website allows you to search for an individual journal by title.

Here are the steps for locating a journal in the Walden Library:

1.  On the Library homepage click on Journals. 

2.  In the Find a Journal by Title box, type the journal name and click Search. For example:

Journal of Studies in International Education

3. On the results page you see a list of journal names with links to the database(s) that have the journal in full text. Each entry will also tell you the date range for which full text is available.


Tip: Some journals have delays on access, imposed by the publisher. Pay attention to the coverage years.

4. Click the database name to access the journal's content within the database.

5. Select a specific issue to browse, or search within all issues of the journal.

6. If you are trying to locate a specific article using the citation information, learn the best way to find an exact article in the Library.


Browsing journal titles by topic


You can browse journals by topic too.


1.  From the Library home page, click on the Journals option. 


2. Click on education from the list.  Because there are nearly 3,000 education titles, you will have to narrow it down further.  Look for the options on the left side of the page and click on Show More.


3. International education is an option.  Check the box and click on Update to browse these titles.


Think of all the ways you can browse titles as you work through your program.   And remember, if you ever have a question you can Ask A Librarian.

Educaton Databases


Click on any of the Tutorial links below for additional help on specific topics:

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Keyword searching (how to determine the best words to search)

Boolean search operators (how to put your keywords together)

Peer review (find out what it means and why it's important)

How to find full text